“Palm Springs” be damned, don’t get sucked into Hulu

Hulu is the one streaming service whose wares I struggle as I try to cover and review, emphasis on the word “try.”

Rarely do they pitch anything. They expect press folks to visit their website constantly and see what’s coming up and request review versions. Or they expect you to buy subscriptions, I guess, and see it the way everyone else does.

Hulu is alone among the many streamers to have this “sit around and wait for requests” approach to publicity, but whatever. At least Disney+, Amazon, Netflix etc. are on the ball.

The bigger issue with them is subscription business practice. They are, like some online subscriber sites and assorted other “FREE, but give us your credit card number” online come-ons, prone to shenanigans.

We all know what Netflix does. Sign you up for a “discounted” service, then jump you up to their standard, pricier level when you aren’t paying attention.

I tried Hulu for a month to catch up on their product (one potential Oscar nominated film) in late Dec., canceled the service the first week in Jan., and what do I see on a March credit card statement?

They didn’t charge for Jan or Feb., but March they magically “forgot” I canceled, and snuck a charge in there.

Contact them to fix this, and they’re “We don’t correct mistakes that work out to our advantage, call your bank.”

So basically I have to get a credit card company to dispute and block all charges from here into infinity for a service I canceled two and a half months ago, because Hulu can’t be bothered to deal with people who complain about their scummy business practice. That means canceling a card and getting a new one.

All because of an unscrupulous streamer.

Thanks, Hulu. And adios.

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