Bill Maher gets at the nub of this year’s nasty, childish anti-Oscar campaigning

If I see one more BS “garbage” assault on Peter Farrelly and “Green Book” or “Bohemian Rhapsody” or any other contender — from Jezebel, Salon, et al — I am going to hurl.

It’s reached insane levels this year.

Where were you infants last year? Oh right, you were cheerleading that ditzy genre junk “The Shape of Water” into the winner’s circle, perpetually celebrated as a global Oscars punchline.

‘”English Patient” and “Crash?” So what? They gave Best Picture to the fish f—–g movie!”

What started with Harvey Weinstein’s media-placed whispering campaigns against his contending films’ competition has become a full on blood sport.

Bill Maher lights into the “B. Rhaps” bashing and nails it. “Roma” can be argued against on its merits  — meandering memory play shot in the dullest black and white ever, not on its grew-up-rich writer-director who is “inauthentic” for making it. “Green Book” blasting — we KNOW it’s those Lady Gaga freaks who’re behind it.

Enough already.


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