Silent Movie Night in Scenic Cocoa Village, FLA.

The Cocoa Playhouse started life as the Aladdin, a picture emporium which opened in tiny-not-tony Cocoa Village (the inland town of famed Cocoa Beach) in 1924.

They host musical performances and put on a regular season of theater. The thing that gets me here every year is when this old moving picture house hosts a silent movie of the type it would have shown in the years before their installed air conditioning in it.

J. Thomas Black Jr. is the pianist and enthusiast who lends the whole enterprise the feeling of what small town (no pipe organ, just a piano, although the Aladdin USED to have a pipe organ) movie going was like during the silent film era.

IMG_20190210_182034353.jpg He will accompany and provide the score to what many regard as the Ur Western, the template from which every other Horse Opera, oater and Cowboys and Displaced Native Americans picture emerged. A 1923 film that premiered the year the Aladdin opened. See if you can guess it before I review it.

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