Today’s First Screening — “Ferdinand”

A lot of us grew up with the Disney cartoon about the bull who didn’t want to fight. He lived to just smell the flowers, and no mere matador could provoke him to do otherwise.

If you missed it, here’s the first version of it on youtube.


Odd that Disney, the fiercest abusers of copyright protection, would let that out there, until you remember the new “Ferdinand” isn’t a Disney release.

The very funny big man John Cena voices the cuddly bull in the new one, which opens next weekend. Kate McKinnon can be heard in it, and Bobby Cannavale. Looks cute.

All kids’ movies should be previewed on Saturday mornings, with lots of kids. Disney/Pixar didn’t do that with “Coco.” I wonder if that didn’t suppress word of mouth on it. That, and that endless and godawful “Frozen” promo-cartoon slapped on the front end of it.

Blue Sky/Fox (“Rio,” “Ice Age”) is releasing “Ferdinand,” which won’t do much against “Star Wars,” but looks funnier and sunnier — more “Rio” than “Ice Age.” It’ll find an audience.

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