Box Office: “Coco” adds another $19, “Disaster Artist” opens well, “Just Getting Started” doesn’t

boxPixar’s “Coco” is doing quite well on its last weekend without significant box office competition. It is adding anther $19 million to climb toward $140 (by Tuesday, Wed. at the latest).

Next weekend it’ll have animated competition from “Ferdinand,” and not just Sony Affirm’s limp “The Star” ($32 million for the faith-based ‘toon. Not bad.).

And of course next weekend “Star Wars” returns with “The Last Jedi,” two and a half hours that will eat up most of America’s movie screens and almost all of the box office.

So it’s a good thing “Coco” will have hit about $150 by then, “Thor: Ragnarok” has cleared $300 and “Justice League” topped $200 this weekend. That’ll be all she wrote for almost all of those titles. Only “Murder on the Orient Express” among the November titles, which will be near $100 million by Friday, should weather that storm.

“The Disaster Artist” opens wide this weekend and the Oscar contender about the making of a really bad movie is doing “Ed Wood” numbers — $6 million on 840 screens.

The old farts comedy “Just Getting Started” barely cracked the top ten despite a wide release. That pushed “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri” down to 11th. That’s a bit early for a relatively fresh Oscar contender to fade, but “The Florida Project” has already lost most of its screens and will only come back with Oscar buzz.

tonya“I, Tonya” is packing them in on just a handful of screens in NYC/LA. It’s doing much better than the “Darkest Hour” and “Call Me By My Name” contenders going into extremely limited platform release.

Woody Allen’s “Wonder Wheel” may not merit anything resembling a wider release. Only New Yorkers seem to not care that the old perv has lost whatever touch he has. Opened a bit wider, and died.

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