Movie Preview: Childhood seems magical in a non-Disney way in”The Florida Project”

Sean Baker did the hilarious, street-wise and super cheap (shot on cell phones) “Tangerine,” and now that he’s got fame and enough money to shoot a “proper” film — with a real movie star in his cast (as if anybody could improve on the discoveries of “Tangerine”), what does he do?

He’s going to DISNEY WORLD. Or its environs. The exteriors — second unit stuff — captures a chunk of Central Florida at its Kissimmee Corridor tackiest, the seedy outskirts of Disney World. Not sure if they shot most of this a child stuck in a motel with a wayward young mom and Willem Dafoe as the clerk/manager here or not. But it sure as shooting feels like Florida’s theme park hell.

A minor classic of childhood? The on-the-edge experts at A24 films have it, so I’m guessing, YES.

Brooklynn Prince starts her career as a critics’ darling, Dafoe shows his humanity and “The Florida Project” reaches theaters in limited release Oct. 6.

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