Today’s first screening — “Logan Lucky”

No, Steven Soderbergh’s “retirement” didn’t last any longer than Cher’s — or Tina Turner’s. Or Kiss’s.

But we’ve missed him, and this modest-budget/big-name cast comic thriller could be a nice desert for a summer overloaded with junk food sequels and heavy meals (“Detroit,” for instance). It opens in a couple of weeks, and coupled with the news that its star, Daniel Craig, will return as James Bond, it makes you wonder.

An old Hollywood maxim is that you announce your next project before THIS one bombs or hits. “The Elizabeth Berkley (“Showgirls”) Rule.” So what is Craig saying about this movie in climbing back into the Bond tux?

What were MGM/Sony/DeLaurentis saying about possible other Bonds in pursuing him for another outing?

Idris Elba’s box office upside may crater after “The Dark Tower.” (It’s smelled like a dog for months, now. )

Craig might miss those Bond paydays more than he thought. And if most of what he’s going to be offered is action pictures, why not keep his quote and marketability and profile high by reprising 007?

“Logan Lucky” opens Aug. 18.


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  1. Andrew Beaman says:

    I just saw Shot Caller and afterwards i read your review on RT. It would not let me comment on your post so im commenting in this one. I think you are absolutely spot on in your critique. There was so much hype about the film and honestly, the trailer was intriguing but in the end, it was absolutely absurd. With lines like “The reason i can guarantee these terms is, Im running the show now” and secret prison knowledge only top cons know like “pop the battery and break the sim card” and we all know the most isolated criminals run everything but they are “just real selective” in who they choose to keep them locked up. Waldau is great as always and there are some interesting moments but for two whole hours nothing ever happened that would justify the super serious tone of it all.

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