Box Office: “Wonder Woman” smothers “Mummy,” “It Comes at Night” and “Megan Leavey” underwhelm

wonderAdd another $54 million to Warner Brothers’ coffers for “gambling” on putting the DC Universe’s future in the hands of an Israeli actress playing “Wonder Woman.”

This is turning into the blockbuster WB/DC have craved since Bale & Co. finished off Batman. So good on them. It’s not just fanboys, and not just girls and women turning out, but a $202 million combination of both.

“The Mummy” steps up Universal’s “Dark Universe” approach to their historic horror franchises. It got pounded by the aggregated critics (on Rotten Tomatoes, anyway), and still managed to do, based on Thursday night/Friday numbers, enough to guarantee a $31 million or so weekend. That’s not nearly enough.

I found it perfectly entertaining, in a popcorny way. 

Will Universal spend the big bucks on big names (Russell Crowe’s recurring character in “Mummy,” for instance) to interconnect Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein and oh, Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde movies? The jury’s out.

But as the critically adored “It Comes at Night” proves, horror has a ceiling — generally in the $12 million range, $18-22 million for a proven franchise — on opening weekend. Universal just shattered it. “It Comes” won’t even hit $7, but it should stick around, and as it cost maybe $5, it’s money in the bank for A24.

meg1The Bleeker St. tear-jerker/flag waver “Megan Leavey” isn’t doing at all well, despite getting very good reviews and having that military mid-America appeal. What, Fox News isn’t beating the drum over the hero-soldier fighting-to-keep-her-war-dog story?

Oh. Right. Chuck Schumer plays a positive role in the story. And it’s about a woman in the military. Murdoch’s minions can’t be seen endorsing that.

Then there’s the old fashioned mystery-romance “My Cousin Rachel,” in limited release but not quite cracking the top ten.

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