Weekend Movies: Savage reviews for “The Boss,” middling ones for “Hardcore Henry”

boss1As I noted in my review, it can’t be healthy that Melissa McCarthy is entrusting at least a little of her career to her quite-unfunny husband, Ben Falcone.

It’s “tragic” that he turns out to be, as her co-writer and director, Melissa’s kryptonite.

Now, almost every review is making that point. It would be a crime if this wrecked their marriage. But it would be a shame if she let him direct her again, too. Good luck with that.

Poor reviews overall — very poor — for “The Boss.

“Hardcore Henry” got a big blast of fanboy enthusiasm in its pre-release reviews. Then, that died down. A LOT. As people who aren’t inured to the violence of first person shooter games and who don’t think video game ideas work on the big screen started reviewing it. I can’t be the only one whose head ached trying to follow the shakiest shaky-cam (GoPro?) giving us a jarring, disorienting first-person view of a guy who has been surgically turned into a super soldier, out for revenge or redemption of just to save his own life. Later reviews have beaten that dog down. 

Chris Walken and Amber Heard pair up appealingly if entirely too predictably in the lightweight dramedy “One More Time,” but Richard Linklater’s ’80s movie, “Everybody Wants Some” is earning the best reviews among limited releases.

“The Boss”, bad reviews and all, just might edge “Batman v. Superman” this weekend. The Warners title won its first two weekends of release, but the BO take has plunged since that opening. “Boss” is predicted to hit the low $20s, as is “Batman v. Superman.” So we’ll see.


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