Box Office: “Think Like a Man Too” goes soft, “Jersey Boys” underwhelms

ImageFriday was a promising day and night at the box office. But as the weekend wore on, more people saw “Think Like a Man Too” and “Jersey Boys” and both faded and faded some more.

“Like a Man” looked to be headed into the mid $30s, based on Friday. A weak Sat. killed that. It will be lucky to reach $30, $29 or less. Not enough to kill potential sequels, but in all likelihood, that’s that for this Screen Gems sequel and future sequels. Kevin Hart will be priced out of their league, so it won’t pay to do another.

“Jersey GirlsBoys” is a summer musical bio-pic without the wit, laughs and all around glee such films sometimes produce. Clint Eastwood settled on the struggles to the top and the tragedies and conflicts of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. And he kind of dashed through it, with decent singing but charisma-starved unknowns starring in it. It will make a piddling $13 million from an audience that normally doesn’t go to the movies. Will they find it in future weeks? Probably. It could have legs.

“22 Jump Street” held over more viewers than “How to Train You Dragon 2,” “Maleficent” just added years to Angelina Jolie’s shelf life.

“Chef” managed to cling to the top ten. Again.


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