Weekend movies — Lots of raves for “Edge of Tomorrow” and thumbs ups for “Fault in Our Stars”


The reviews, if you look closely at them, are closer to lukewarm endorsements than “Gotta see this!” raves. But “Edge of Tomorrow” has Tom Cruise, dying, comically, dozens of times. Played for laughs. Head shots, impalings, crushed in accidents, etc. etc. Who cannot get behind that? “A Million Ways to Die in the Future.” Yeah. That’s what it is.

Time travel, the oddly justified “start the day over” in a war with aliens (“Groundhog D-Day,” I said. Cleverly.)

But overall, the best notices for a Tom Cruise movie in this century, I dare say.

“The Fault in Our Stars” plays like YA Nicholas Sparks. John Green was the novelist, but hurl two sick teens together in a doomed romance and you’re in beach book territory. The love for this one cooled off from the breathless, childish early reviews. Still, decent notices for a collection of cancer romance cliches that promises to do quite well this weekend, if young women have anything to say about it. Shailene Woodley may best Jennifer Lawrence in something, for once.

“Borgman” opens in a few markets. Inscrutable is a great word for this odd, engrossing, unexplained supernatural (ish) Dutch thriller.

“The Sacrament” is a pointlessly fictionalized account of the Jonestown cult mass suicide back in the Disco era. Not terrible, but not the least bit compelling. And why change the facts? Do the homework, use real names, tell the story.

“Anna” has Mark Strong trying to figure out if Vera Farmiga’s younger sister Tessa is a cunning killer or a child victim of an unhappy rich upbringing. Not that good.


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