BOX OFFICE: Tumbling “Thor” wins again, “Elvis” clears $100 million, “Crawdads” don’t sing the blues

“Thor: Love & Thunder” easily dominates the movie box office on its second weekend of release, getting no real competition from “Where the Crawdads Sing,” the adaptation of the popular novel, or a new cartoon, “Paws of Fury.”

But the God of Thunder fell off a cliff on his second weekend of release, pulling in some $46.5 million, awfully close to a 70% falloff from its opening. What do we call that sort of second weekend of release plunge, box office watchers? “A Tyler Perry Swoon.”

Don’t shed any tears for Marvel, as the film is still making bank. Still, the jokey approach of Taika Waititi doesn’t seem to sit well with audiences. Oh well.

“Minions” are minting moolah, pulling in a staggering $25-26 million take, closing in on $300 million by next weekend, I figure. Over $261 already.

“Where the Crawdads Sing” had a good Thursday night and a brisk Friday and looks to be a sleeper hit, opening at $17 million or so. Considering how little they spent on the cast, it’ll be in the black within a few weeks. A movie of middling quality and questionable history and racial politics, it’s doing well with a certain demographic. Trump women, maybe?

“Top Gun: Maverick” becomes Paramount’s biggest hit ever this week, taking in well over $1.2 billion here and abroad. It’s on track to earn another $11.7 million this weekend.

“Elvis” has NOT left the building, clearing the $100 million mark Friday, scoring $7 million this weekend.

“Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank” should have gone straight to Paramount Plus. A middling Thursday and tepid Friday point to a $6 million weekend. The samurai cats and canines comedy is a dog.

“The Black Phone” rang up another $5 and change. It’s already well into profit and should finish its run in the $85 million range.

“Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” is on 980 screens and is on track to make $1.74 million this weekend. And yes, this is THE movie to see this weekend.

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