Netflixable? “Honey, Let’s Tie the Knot (Nos Casamos? Si mi amor)” follows Peru’s “Si, mi Amor” couple to the altar

That quarrelsome, secrets-keeping couple from Cuzco are still saying “Si, mi amor (Yes, my love)” in “Let’s Tie the Knot, Honey (¿Nos casamos? Sí, mi amor),” an antic if not-quite-silly-enough sequel to their earlier Peruvian rom-com.

Co-star Yiddá Eslava takes on co-writing chores for this film, which means the endless scenes of her character Bea’s passion for food — OK, eating — and sloppy table manners are all on her, this time.

Bea and Guillmero (Julián Zucchi) are still keeping secrets from each other, eight years into their romance. But assorted triggers have Guille popping the question at a fine restaurant in “Let’s Tie the Knot’s” opening scene. But by keeping that a secret, he not only surprises her. Bea almost chokes to death, swallowing the ring along with the dessert she’s shoveling into her pie hole.

That’s typical of the jokes and situations set up here — a bit stale, by global romantic comedy standards.

She’s not so sure they’re ready for this. But she’s in. It’s just that mix-ups over a pregnancy test and the like, and Guille’s deceptions over arrangements to have their over-the-top wedding at the secluded mansion that belongs to BFF Max’s (Andrés Salas) rich, single and always-tipsy Mom (Patricia Portocarrero), who wants to pay for the nuptials, because she’s convinced it’s her son who’s finally getting married complicate matters all the way up to “I do!”

Director and co-writer Pedro Flores Maldonado has no more luck finding laughs than he did with “Si, mi amor.” Bea devouring all the sampled food from the posh caterer Max’s mom Regina wants serving the event, a bachelor party at a drag club and endless efforts to deceive Bea, Regina and the snooty, fey wedding planner (Ernesto Pimentel) about who’s getting married aren’t all that funny. A flaky “healer” spiritualist urging the groom and groomsmen to “open up your anus” in a cleansing gesture is kind of funny. So it seeing who’s drunk enough to fall for drag queens and who ends up officiating at the wedding, letting his sad personal history with women make it into the ceremony and vows he insists the loving/quarreling couple make.

It’s noisy and antic, if not particularly Peruvian in a “local color/local people/local cuisine” sense. The big hang-up with “Let’s Tie the Knot” is a carryover from “Si, mi amor.” The situations and gags just aren’t fresh enough to play and deliver laughs.

Rating: TV-MA, some nudity

Cast: Yiddá Eslava, Julián Zucchi, Mayra Olivera, Andrés Salas, Patricia Portocarrero, Ernesto Pimentel

Credits: Directed by Pedro Flores Maldonado, scripted by Yiddá Eslava and Pedro Flores Maldonado. A Netflix release.

Running time: 1:39

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