Weekend movies — “Ragnarok” should roll, “Bad Moms” look to clean up


“Thor: Ragnarok” is the best-reviewed Marvel movie. Ever. On Rottentomatoes, anyway.

On the more discerning and nuanced Metacritic, most everyone still says they liked it. “Love?” Let’s not get carried away, here.

As many have pointed out, it makes little sense — plotwise. Lots of funny lines, winking at the audience, casting coups — Blanchett, Goldblum. Cameos, and not just Stan Lee, either. Pandering, not plot, make it work.

How much will it earn on its opening weekend? It could do a Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday weekend-worthy $118 million or so, says the Box Office Guru. says the Box Office Guru. 

As it’s already had a healthy overseas opening and a big Thursday night, Box Office Mojo uses that to justify a prediction of a $120 million opening.

This isn’t an “Avengers” movie, although Hulk has a supporting role. It’s light and loose and fun, but is it a pre-sold package the way “Captain America” and recent “Avengers” have been? I could see it pulling in $100 million, but I won’t be shocked if it doesn’t. It’s Thor, for Pete’s sake. Not Iron Man, Cap, et al. We shall see.

“A Bad Mom’s Christmas” came out Wed., and might hit $20 by midnight Sunday. It’s pretty bad, and even though the first “Bad Moms” stuck around long enough to clear $113 million, I don’t see that repeated here. Bad movie. Quite bad.

The best picture of the weekend in my book is “Lady Bird,” which, like the less lauded “LBJ,” not open on a lot of screens.

“Jigsaw” won a weak weekend pre-Halloween. Expect it to fall off the table this time around.


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