Box Office: “Blade Runner” swoons to $31, “Mountain Between Us” is $10 million molehill


Looks kind of like Ryan Gosling walking through an empty movie theater, doesn’t it?

Some people are using the “B” word to describe “Blade Runner 2049” and its “Maybe it’ll clear $50,” “Whoops it’ll be lucky to reach $40” and “Uh oh, it better clear $30” opening weekend. A 40% drop in expectations is disastrous, as it means the picture won’t clear $80 in the U.S.

Fanboys and fangirls are a fickle bunch, and the sci-fi crowd has already been burned by a lavishly over-praised “Alien” prequel this year. Were they wary? Distracted? Or are they grossly exaggerated in their influence and enthusiasm or, um, sophistication?

Building a picture that lacks much in the line of humanity, zero urgency and a main villain (Jared Leto) who serves no purpose — and tucking all that into a lovely two and a half hour stroll through a dystopian future that seems all but assured since the last election isn’t paying off. The breathless reviews are ALL based on its look. Not so much the tone, performances and connection with the audience. I see it as a top 15 film, not a top ten one.

Let’s leave it at that. It could hang around and do “Arrival” numbers, all-in.

Is Ryan Gosling Big Box Office? Not yet.

“The Mountain Between Us” survived a fate worse than box office death, losing its opening weekend to a “My Little Pony” niche (tiny tots, and Pony perverts) animated pic. “Mountain” did $10 million. Kate Winslet hasn’t worked enough in recent years — not as a leading lady — to make her a safe bet to open a picture. Idris Elba is doing a lot of films, none of which are very good. He’s a movie star, not a box office star. James Bond was his best bet to change that, and that probably won’t happen as he’s ageing out of that window.

High per screen numbers for “The Florida Project,” which won’t open in Florida and the rest of “flyover country” until next weekend.


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