Woody Allen sees crimes and misdemeanors on Coney Island with “Wonder Wheel”

Good to see Juno Temple escaping the trap that indie cinema has put her in (hookers, fallen women). Or, maybe she isn’t. Never mind.

Kate Winslet, Jim Belushi and Justin Timberlake star in what looks to be a gangsterish period piece about habitues of New York’s famous amusement park in, oh, the late ’40s. The last time Woody went out and heard real people speaking real sentences, and not this Tennessee Williams English that has cursed his pictures in his dotage, in other words.

“Wonder Wheel,” taking its name from a Ferris Wheel, makes for a good looking trailer, as always, so we are intrigued.  Kate could use a break after the death of “Mountain Between Us,” which hasn’t actually died but will come this weekend. And die.

JT? A boyish lifeguard? Hmm. At least he’s not hanging around with Andy Samberg.

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