Movie Preview: “Peter Rabbit” offers another sassy take on a classic critter character

This year isn’t over yet, but I’m underwhelmed by the trailers of the animated movies opening between now and Christmas. And if those hunches prove true, this will go in the books as perhaps the worst year for major studio animation since the great Animation Wars started with Dreamworks, then Sony and others challenged Disney and Pixar for those parents-take-the-kids-to-cartoons cash.

Sony’s “Peter Rabbit” opens next year, not long after the similarly British “Paddington 2.” Peter and his pals party in Domhnall Gleeson’s house? Actually, that would be a funny touch — Domhnall, who is in “American Made” and seemingly every other picture to come along these days, coping in his “real” life with a critter calamity.

One always suspected that he screams like a little Irish girl.

James Corden voices Peter. This looks loud and fractious in style, with realistic renderings parking the animals in the real (British) world. Might be all right, but not judging from this.

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