Box Office: Can Tom Cruise topple “Kingsman”?

american1“American Made” is the best-reviewed Tom Cruise movie in ages, a crackling, witty drug trade docudrama about a hot shot pilot who gets himself in the middle of the Iran/Contra Scandal, and Reagan Administration extra-legal shenanigans that flooded the country with cocaine and illegal immigrants.

No, don’t expect a lot of ads for it on Fox News or The Blaze.

But it could in red states and blue, and knock that crappy English import “Kingsman” right off the top of the box office mountain. Or could it?

Box Office Mojo figures “It” has another solid week in the upper $teens in it, and that “Kingsman” will clear $20. “American Made” they figure as not-quite-hitting $17. Not buying that. Word of mouth on “Kingsman” has got to be deadly, this second weekend.

Box Office Guru is calling it “Kingsman” $20, “It” and “American Made” both tracking at $16.

So we’ll see. Cruise isn’t quite over-and-done with as an action star, and his supporting cast has zero star power. The sobering look at the venerated Ron Reagan’s criminal connections (Ollie North is here, sure) will earn some wingnut media pushback. I think “Made” might hit $20+. It’s certainly entertaining enough.

“Flatliners” nobody knows Jack about, save for the fact that it’s a remake/sequel to the Julia Roberts/Kiefer Sutherland young-docs-taste-death thriller of decades ago.

The studio had such confidence in it that they not only didn’t preview it, they didn’t allow theaters to open it Thursday night. Sounds like “This sucks.” But we’ll see. If it does $8 million with that cast, it’ll be champagne all around the office Monday.

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