Box Office: The Worst weekend in 25 years?

It is upon us. A motley collection of mostly meek August titles and the fading glories of July are what await filmgoers on this Labor Day weekend, traditionally the end of summer but also the end of the August dumping ground, cinema’s Island of Unwanted Toys.

wind1There are good movies that not a lot of people have seen — “Wind River” is the best thriller of the year, “Good Times” is a gritty, Robert Pattinson on the run NYC thrill-comedy (with violence), and not everybody has seen “The Big Sick,” which has been in theaters for nearly a month.

But we’ve all seen “Dunkirk” (best picture of the year) and “Spider-Man” (not even the best picture of its opening weekend). No new releases this weekend are reaching far and wide, and most are dogs anyway. “Goon 2,” “Mike Boy,” “A Boy Called Po,” that Lake Bell picture “I Do…Until I Don’t.” Nothing worth turning off the TV to go out and see. Netflixable, a couple of them. That’s the best you can say for the lot of them.

“The Hitman’s Bodyguard” should win another weekend, the tepid but embraced by fans “Annabelle: Creation” should finish second. “Wind River” has been in the top three, all week, thanks to weak competition and an expansion of screens.

I am shocked Christian film fans aren’t flocking to “All Saints,” but I guess they prefer argumentative political pictures that make them feel like victims — like “The Case for Christ” or “God’s Not Dead.” And it does take a pro-immigration tack — the John Corbett as preacher saving a dying church film, I mean.

Lionsgate is throwing another Spanish language Mexican import at part of the country, but Texas is under water, so that’ll dampen its prospects.

“Dunkirk” will hit $180 million, and a few other summer holdovers will essentially hit their final money mark this weekend.

But nobody is making money off Labor Day at the movies this year. Nobody. The best take of the weekend will be around $10 million, with the lower rungs of the top ten not even clearing $1 million.

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