Today’s screening: “Hey Hey, we’re the Planet of the Apes!”

I haven’t kept the fact that this summer of sequels is just a-wearing me out. People asking, “What movie are you looking FORWARD to?” And I answer with any title that springs to mind that doesn’t have a number after it, or a colon.

I could tolerate “Pirates of the Caribbean,” because it got back to enough of what the first film had going for it, and promised — briefly — an end to this. But Johnny Depp’s broke, so, well…hell.

“Covenant” and “Transformers” and “Cars” and on and on. Ugh.

So I will be sitting, in all fairness to the film, expecting, nay DEMANDING, that “War for the Planet of the Apes” do something that distinguishes it from its CGI predecessors, AND its 1970s antecedents.

Fingers crossed. Meanwhile, here’s some fun that an Internet wit (Interwag) has cooked up.

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