Box Office: A “Furious” start to…summer? “7” heads for a $145 million+ weekend

boxofficeThat famous crack that “Nobody ever went broke UNDER-estimating the tastes of the American public has been true in spades at the box office this year.

“Fifty Shades”? Bad. Big hit. “Home.” Weak. Robust box office numbers.

And now the stunningly stupid “Furious 7” has a $65-68 million Friday that sets this probably not last and not quite least of the “Fast & Furious” movies up for a $140 million weekend. If the numbers hold.

Reviews have been respectful, pandering to the fact that Paul Walker’s dead, ignoring the bigger fact that Vin Diesel was always the stiff here.

And Universal, which makes consistently crappy movies and on rare occasions persuades the rube-oisie to buy a lot of tickets to them, has another hit.

Boo yah. Happy Easter.

“Home” added theaters, and having no competition, is holding onto a decent chunk of its opening weekend audience. A 45% drop, well over $28 million and a chance to top $100 million by say, Tuesday.

“Insurgent” limped over the $100 million mark, or will have by Easter Monday. “Get Hard” and gone limp and looks to top out at $70-75, when it finishes its run.

Other new openings? “It Follows,” the best horror picture since “Insidious,” opens wide and well within the top ten at $8 million.

“Woman in Gold” opens in far fewer theaters and will not quite crack $2 million.

Box office this spring has been so anemic, despite the occasional hit, that “Kingsman” is still in the top ten even though it has made most of its money, and “Do You Believe?”, a weak faith-based outing is ranked despite never having one big weekend. “Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” is in the top ten despite earning only $1 million this weekend — $30 million, thus far.

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