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Movie Review: The dancing is the best thing in “Desert Dancer”

“So you are an artist,” an Iranian member of the Basij, the country’s paramilitary morality police, hisses at the hero of “Desert Dancer,” who is about to be punished. “Beat him…artistically!” You have to get by the occasional risible moment … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “The Longest Ride” turns corn into corn syrup

The pretty coed doesn’t want to go, doesn’t see herself “as a rodeo gal.” But her sorority sisters insist she ogle the “easy on the eyes” cowboys with them. He rides a bull, falls off and loses his hat. She … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “Ex Machina” puts the Fear of God into us, about machines

“Ex Machina” is an “Island of Dr. Moreau” for the singularity era. It’s a cerebral, chilling and austere thriller that stokes our fears about digital privacy and artificial intelligence, a film that works largely thanks to a breakout mechanically empathetic … Continue reading

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