One last thought about the Oscars…

I made a joke over on Facebook about not watching the Oscars at all. Well, half joke.

I don’t care about the awards or the show, and only tune in to get a feel for the evening. I caught the open, then watched a movie.

When “Top Gun” ended, I turned the telecast back on, and within three minutes was asking friends via Twitter and Facebook, “Wait, did that just happen?”


“But aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how’d you like the play?

“CODA” won best picture, “Dune” won the most Oscars, Kenneth Branagh and Jessica Chastain and Will Smith finally won Oscars. Jane Campion won her second, after 1994’s “The Piano.”

Will Smith didn’t manage a full apology.

Lovely sign language acceptance speech from Troy, moving speeches from Ariana, Jessica and Ken.

And this…

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