50 Years Ago Today, “An offer” we “couldn’t refuse” — “The Godfather”

You know what this original trailer reinforces? The iconic characters, the legends playing them, the instantly recognizable music?

It’s the idea that “The Godfather” was a “Star Wars” or “Harry Potter” for grownup film lovers. An alien universe obsessively detailed, life and death stakes, villains, a young hero to be tempted and corrupted, all summoned up by a few perfect notes on a score, a line, a shadow, a gesture.

Film fans have obsessed over this film, this trilogy, for decades. Granted, they and we arent cosplayers. But geeking out over a movie can happen to great films, too.

Most of us associate these movies with the holidays, as the third and I believe the second “Godfather” movies opened on Christmas.

But the original came out on today’s date in March of 1972.

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