BOX OFFICE: A big Thursday and bigger Friday lifts “The Batman” into the black

A couple of concerns I’m sure theater owners, Warner Brothers and I shared about “The Batman” were — A) it’s too long, and the running time cuts down on the number of showings you can squeeze in, B) “franchise fatigue,” as the Bat has been revived more times than is decent and C) it was never clear fandom was going to accept Robert Pattinson in the role, even if Matt “Planet of the Apes” Reeves seemed like a sure thing as director.

No last gasp of “But, but, Zack SNYDER is the ‘Orson Welles of comic book movies” lunacy.

A lot of that evaporated when tickets — premium priced at AMC theaters and some other chains — went on sale.

It’s not a “Spider-Man” sized opening, not even one of the bigger “Batman/Dark Knight” opening weekend debuts.

But $22 million or so on Thursday and $35 million+ on Friday point to an impression pandemic opening weekend — $128 million+.

Yes, it took up a lot of screens (it earned $15 million from IMAX alone) and took a bite out of “Uncharted,” but that Sony release cleared the $100 million mark in North America by adding another $10 million.

“Uncharted” has racked up over $270 million worldwide, so yes, it’s a video game adaptation and now a movie franchise.

The box office isn’t “back,” and millions still aren’t going to theaters the way they did two years ago, but things are looking up. If you’re a fan of the caped and cowled genre, this one’s a winner.

Never bet against “The Bat.”

“Dog” is holding screens and holding onto audience, as it managed another $6 million this weekend and has cleared $40 million, all in.

“Cyrano,” lacking the Oscar nominations that might have given it an Oscar bounce, fell off the table in its second weekend.

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