Today’s first screening — “In Search of Fellini”

On the one hand, you had me at “Fellini.” And then there’s sunny Italy, a boon to any film’s setting, especially an indie one. And Maria Bello, Earth Momma extraordinaire.

On the other hand, it’s yet another coming-of-age romance, and they’re about to join vampire movies and zombie pics on my “Enough already” list.

Can’t tell much about it from its trailer. But again, somebody was at least THINKING Fellini, so there’s that and there’s hope. Nancy Cartwright (“The Simpsons”) co-wrote “In Search of Fellini.”


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  1. Jenny says:

    Hello! I’m having trouble leaving a comment on your Last Jedi Review so forgive me for commenting here and messing up your format. The Last Jedi was a horrible movie and I’m grateful that you gave an honest review. I’m a huge SW fan and was very disappointed. The plots of all SW movies are the same, I’m actually OK with that. The characters are what bring it to life by talented actors that make you forget you’re watching a movie. This version had the same usual story with one exception, too much politics! Is it too much to expect a break from politics in a Star Wars movie??? Not cool, Disney. Not cool at all. The characters, however, were the worsts of all. The female military leaders were so dull and typical. They reminded me of b*tches at work that don’t do a good job but are loud and aggressive so people fear them and hate them behind their back. Again, who needs that feeling in a movie? In the end I was left with a ‘who cares’ feeling. Bye Star Wars, I will always love the originals. We will always have those. I hope your review site does really well because you tell it like it is. Bravo.

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