Box Office: “Jedi” drops off, still bests “Jumanji,” “Pitch Perfect” and “Greatest Showman” — “Father Figures” bombs


(UPDATED — “Jedi” plunges Fri/Sat to Fri/Sat. There is, officially and measurably, a backlash).

The full holiday weekend — four days of box office glory — greatly inflate the numbers for all the films opening this weekend, and the Movie that Ate December — “The Last Jedi.”

Actual  weekend comparisons — three days — are a bit more sobering. “Jedi” is falling off well over 60%, a bit steeper fall than a real film phenomenon would typically see. It’s making money everywhere, but an $83 million three-day suggests it’s not doing the repeat business and doesn’t have the “You have GOT to see this” word of mouth even “Force Awakens” enjoyed.

Over $112 million through Monday, projections predict.

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” will have a three-day $33 million take. “Pitch Perfect 3” should manage $25, and “Greatest Showman” — a Golden Globes contender — might hit $9.

“Downsizing,” once the most promising comedy to open Xmas weekend (before its first test-screenings, I dare say) is bombing as well, a $6 million weekend that won’t have any Oscar push, the way Alexander Payne’s movies often make their money. It’s a bummer of a movie and a bomb at the box office.


Musicals are a hard sell, even brand name ones. “Greatest Showman” is original and isn’t pre-sold with a famous brand attached to it, except for Hugh Jackman. Mixed reviews aren’t helping.

“Father Figures” suggests any appeal Ed Helms once had is gone, and that Owen Wilson’s days as a lead (“Wonder” is a supporting role) are over.

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