Box Office: “It,””American Made,” and “Kingsman” finish in dead heat

boxoffice3So we won’t know — for sure, until the “actuals” are cooked (ahem) up by the studios, who actually won the last weekend of September box office sweepstakes, some time Monday afternoon.

The liar’s poker bluffs that’re come out today say that “It” did $17.3 million, “American Made” $17.01 million and “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” managed $17. That could change and be subject to a recount.

“American Made” underperformed, a tad, “Kingsman” fell off more than thought, “It” held up better than expected.

“Flatliners” the remake did only $6.7 million, a movie no doubt suppressed by cable repeats of the 1990 Kiefer/Julia Roberts version. Lack of star power deflated the new one, no doubt.

“Til Death Do US Part” and “A Question of Faith,” small studio wide (ish) releases flirted with the top ten.

The Watergate biography “Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the Whjte House” didn’t set the world on fire, weak reviews for Liam Neeson’s prestige pic and light turnout. The latest Pearl Jam doc did not bring out Cubs fans.



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  1. Eric Lafollette says:

    Did not like the new it move

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