Box Office: “American Made” underwhelms, still might top “Kingsman” and “It”

box1This weekend’s generous late-run predictions for Stephen King’s finally-fading “It,” and the horrid “Kingsman” sequel, turn out to have been wrong.

Projections that the non-branded true story comedy thriller “American Made” wouldn’t clear $20 were right on the mark. So Tom Cruise, wearing the best reviews he’s gotten since “Mission: Impossible,” still has a slim chance of claiming a box office win. But with all three of those titles lurking around the $16 million mark, it’s a win by default situation.

Fox Searchlight’s hilarious, uplifting and touching “Battle of the Sexes” charged the net and crashed the mid-ranks of the top ten, a healthy $3-4 million for a title with a more limited opening and more adult appeal.

Remaking “Flatliners” may pay off — if it makes some money overseas. The $20-30 million picture with no big-name stars is underperforming and won’t reach $6 million this weekend. Weak reviews won’t help it. 

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