Movie Preview: The aliens are taking no prisoners, not even Natalie Portman, in “Annihilation”

Another sci-fi best seller — this one by Jeff VanderMeer — earns a big screen treatment, this time courtesy of Alex “Ex Machina” Garland.

“Annihilation” gives us an alien entity that doesn’t look like, oh, Klingons or Borg or humans in any way. It’s kind of the anti-“Arrival,” with Oscar Isaac as the missing husband Portman pines for, Jennifer Jason Leigh as the scientist/warrior on the hunt. This teaser trailer is awfully generic, mysterious but maddeningly familiar, and yet  creepy enough.

And then there’s the presence of dish-of-the-day candidates Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez. Because, you know, “Ex Machina” made Alicia Vikander a star.

Look for “Annihilation” in February.

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