Box Office: “Kingsman” and “LEGO the Latest” set to skip past “It”

boxoffice3Mixed reviews — OK pans — aren’t expected to tamp down turnout for “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” and “The LEGO Ninjanga Movie” this weekend.

Both are predicted to best “It” in its third weekend of release. But will the clear the mid-30s? $40 even?

Box Office Mojo is bullish on the BS “Kingsman,” which is going to take it in the crotch via word of mouth by Sat. It had a $3.4 million Thursday, largely based on Fox owned Rotten Tomatoes pimping this Fox fiasco with cherry picked pre-release reviews. Take away the pre-Monday reviews, and this dog would have “DANGER Will Robinson!” signs all over it.

$45 million, says BOmojo.  Mojo is also predicting a whopping $35 million for the poorly reviewed pander-to-Chinese audience “LEGO” lamo. 

Box Office Guru is considerably more sober-minded about the two biggest releases this weekend. The Guru is saying $34 million for “Kingsman: The Sequel,” and $29 million for “Ninjanga.” Good news for Hollywood, after the summer that just ended. But “It” is the real cash cow, with another $20 million expected this weekend.

“Stronger,” the first great film of the fall, is only on 500 or so screens, and will crack the Top Ten — no more.


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