Another “Star Wars” director shown the door


Disney has become the movie studio equivalent of a baseball manager with “a quick hook,” ready to pull the trigger on changing pitchers the minute things start to go south.

They chased the animation vets in charge of the Han Solo feature film last summer, and now they’ve sent Colin Treverrow, the “Safety Not Guaranteed” wit who at least made the big budget trains run on time with “Jurassic World,” packing. CT was helming the “last” film in the current saga, “Episode IX,” due out in 2019. “Was” is the operative word here. He’s out.

He has a “Jurassic World” sequel in the pipeline, due out in 2018, and another film. And then his last film was the miscalculated flop “The Book of Henry.”

With so much money at stake — not so much the budget, but the potential earnings, which Disney is counting on well in advance — it’s no wonder they don’t brook any actions/arguments/decisions that threaten that. It’s not about the art, it’s about not letting somebody use the phrase “MY vision” about these films. Even J.J. Abrams was muzzled, constrained, in re-launching the franchise.

And if J.J. cannot get his way, who can?

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