Box Office: Another winning weekend for “Dunkirk,” but will “Emoji” sucker millions into buying tickets?

emo2Sony didn’t preview “The Emoji Movie” for critics. They knew it was crap, though how they failed to figure that out from the first, stupid, cynical pitch is a mystery.

I saw it at its first showing in Winter Park, Fl., with about a dozen folks — family filmgoers. And we collectively watched it in silence. Reviews for this dog have been uniformly dreadful. Yeah, MovieFone misquoted me on that there link.Here’s my actual review, which is funnier and maybe meaner.

But being animated, with some showings in 3D, and being for children — it’s the advertising campaign that matters. That should put $22 million into Sony Animation’s emptying coffers, according to Box Office Mojo.

Box Office Guru is saying $21. Awful, budget-busting bad. But not the humiliation this deserved.

“Atomic Blonde” is based on a comic book series, but there are no Men in Tights, just Charlize Theron in 1989 short skirts, undies and her altogethers as a spy taking beatings and delivering them in chaotic “The Wall is Falling” Berlin. Not bad for what it is.

But not being an established brand will crimp its box office upside. Maybe $19 million, besting “Girls Trip” in its second weekend. Maybe $20 million, says Box Office Mojo. 

That means that the historical thriller from the brand-name director will own yet another weekend at the summer box office. “Dunkirk” could flirt with $30 million, thought $28 seems a safer guess (both Mojo and Guru predict that).

I am guessing the upper teens guesses for “Girls Trip” are a bit low, as the comedy’s lowbrow appeal could extend past the female and African American-centered audience it drew opening weekend. It’s the “Girlfriend, you won’t BELIEVE what they did” watercooler comedy of the summer. I’m guessing $20 million or so, second weekend.


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