Box Office: “Suicide Squad” looks to set August opening weekend record


No, the reviews weren’t good. They were mediocre to be generous, bad to be more accurate. Look at the Wikipedia page for the movie if you want to see fans spinning a  29% 27% Rottentomatoes rating and low 40s Metacritic tally into “mixed.” Hah!

But do not cry for Warner Brothers, as the makers of the film are headed into Marvel millions for this, the film’s opening weekend. Box Office Mojo is calling it as a $145 million opening. Box Office Guru is hedging his bets and thinking $128 million is more in order.

It earned over $20 million late Thursday night, giving it the chance to jumpstart the process. Word of mouth could be bad, but you never know about that.

August has never had a $100 million opening before, so either way, a record will fall. It used to be a dumping ground for films without the budget or stamina to make back that budget before kids head back to school. But in the front-loaded world of today’s box office and Hollywood budgeting, when films are engineered and marketed and released with the idea that they will make most of their money within three weeks, a “Signs” or a “Guardians of the Galaxy” can blow up.

And with the weak sisters this summer has served up having zero staying power — “Star Trek” is in steep decline, “Bourne” isn’t good enough to hold 50% of its opening weekend audience — big numbers are in order.


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