“Suicide Squad” sissies want Rottentomatoes shut down over a movie they haven’t seen yet

It is to laugh, roll on the floor and laugh. And laugh again. A generation raised in the Fox News “never see anything I don’t agree with” era rises up, out of its parents’ basements, for a fine pout.

“Suicide Squad” has fanboys, all over the English speaking world (and a few Germans and Indians, judging from my metrics) up in arms.

The hate mail has been epic. Suggestions that “Disney paid him” are all over my comments on the review. Disney representatives are howling at that one (Look up my reviews of the last “Captain America” or “Star Wars,” kids).

This Seth Burtis loser from Seminole State College even went to the trouble of sending me a Facebook message — “You sir are a fag.”

Hilarious. But yes, Seth, I will want fries with that. Just don’t spit on them. Stay classy, Seminole.

Yes, but some fans, or fan from Egypt, is/are demanding Rottentomatoes.com shut down for gathering hundreds of reviews pounding the latest comic book piffle out of the DC universe. Hilarious. Variety has the story. 

Hundreds of critics, apparently working in collusion, are spoiling their empty headed popcorn picture fun. No, RT doesn’t cherry pick bad reviews to make a movie seem worse than it is. But that’s the gist of their “campaign.”

Wonder how they feel about Metacritic, which is more accurate, more nuanced but almost as mean to “Suicide Squad”? MRQE.com is more discriminating still, and when they get a review up, perhaps it’ll be more to their liking. Otherwise, it’s back to the books. Tiny books with easy words and lots of dark and pretty pictures.

C’mon guys. The cat’s out of the bag. The movie’s a mess, and hearing or reading that from people who see hundreds of movies a year comes along with that. Deal with it like grownups. And stop messing with the Wikipedia entry. “Mixed reviews?” No. @30% on Rottentomatoes is getting hammered. BAD reviews. Overwhelmingly, predominantly negative.

Losing your cool over that isn’t being an adult. It’s being a tantrum tossing child, a sissy.


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