Box Office: Another HUGE weekend for “Jungle Book,” “Keanu” stumbles, “Mother’s Day” bombs


Any prayer “The Huntsman: Winter’s War,” ever had of making a dime is over. Finished. Finito.

Second weekend of release,Second weekend of release, the most unnecessary sequel of the still-new year is plunging more than 50%, after a weak opener.

“The Jungle Book” is racking up another $38-40 million this weekend, yet another win for Disney’s latest “Disney Version” of  Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli stories. Sometime Monday afternoon, it’ll clear $250 million. 

“Keanu” might have done better had it taken the brand-friendly title “The Key & Peele Movie.” PRobably wouldn’t have helped. Just a cable hit, after all. A modest one.

But the movie is doing $9 million or so this weekend. Not great for a funny, well-received R-rated comedy with a very cute cat. Less than one million tickets sold.

“Mother’s Day” may be the end of the line for Garry Marshall’s “all star” romantic comedies. Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston couldn’t bring’em in. About $7-8 million is all they’ll manage. Awful reviews didn’t help.

I blame JAson Sudeikis. For everything.

“Papa Hemingway in Cuba” couldn’t crack the top ten. Not in a lot of theaters, but it should have managed more than $1300 per screen. Eviscerated by the critics. Including me. 

Nobody bothered reviewing “Ratchet & Crank,” cut-rate animation, thanks to the studio’s lack of confidence. They didn’t screen it. A few reviews are out now. You don’t have to see it to tell it sucks, and that goes for the audience as well as critics. About $5 million on a LOT of screens.

“Zootopia” and “Batman v. Superman” are both closing in on $325 million, domestic, for those keeping score at home.


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