Will Ferrell as…Ronald Reagan?


The comedy, Variety reports, will be about the late president’s second term, when “I don’t recall,” “I don’t remember” replaced “mistakes were made” and that ever-cupped hand to his ear, unable to hear Sam Donaldson’s shouts over the chopper motor noise.

Will Ferrell will produce and star in this comedy, which is about an intern helping convince the out-of-it- C in C that he is “playing the president in a movie.”

Which, as Donald Trump has said, is all the job really requires. “It’s easy.”

Needless to say, the loud but ever-shrinking Reagan Generation fans are outraged. 

Because Ferrell, after all, has already mocked one former president on the small screen and on stage.And Reagan had Alzheimer’s.

But some of the outrage is a step behind the times. Those posts “They’d never dare do one on Ted Kennedy,” missed this news about Jason Clarke and the Chappaquiddick wreck/tragedy/scandal.


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