Weekend reviews: “Anchorman”, “American Hustle” and “Mr. Banks” endorsed, “Dinosaurs” dunked

I’m a bit surprised by the generally positive reviews of “Anchorman 2.” Granted, it is a better film than the first one, smarter, with a target (cable TV news and the destruction of journalism) narrower than just “the ’70s” and more inviting than the first film could claim.

I liked it more than the original.

“American Hustle” is probably due for a little David O. Russell blowback. Overwhelmingly positive reviews. Are they all raves, “best picture of the year” and all that jazz? Fortunately, no. Good, but slick and kind of morally empty. Great turns by Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Shea Whigham.

“Saving Mr. Banks” opens wide Friday, and is a winner. Very good reviews, with Oscar buzz landing on Emma Thompson. A bit too long, but quite good, I thought.

“Her” goes into limited release, and earns its place on lot of top ten lists (mine included) as it does.

“Walking with Dinosaurs 3D” is a cutesy kids’ film in the “Land Before Time” vein — only with great animation and a strong educational ethos. Better than I’d expected, but I am in the minority on that one. Kids under age 12, but old enough to read? It’s for them. Not you.

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