Next Interview: Question for Jonah Hill, anyone?


Check out those teeth!

Jonah Hill had to literally put on his “game face” to co-star with Leo DiCaprio in Scorsese’s “Wolf of Wall Street.” He plays the odd, ambitious stock hustler with the prominent veneers and the never-say-die loyalty who is representative of the Wall Street get-rich-quick class in the film. Whatever brains and savvy DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort deploys in his effort to get more money, more coke and more women during his corners-cutting run to the top, his first disciple Donnie (Hill) was just there to say “Yes.”

Every Wall Street pundit who ever said “When did THESE guys get A) so smart and B) worth so much?” will grin in recognition at this guy. Greedy, brazen, just slick enough to keep the Feds at bay. For a while. A real “master of the universe” who is most certainly not worth the compensation he figures he’s entitled to, just for talking hapless customers out of their commissions. Ruthless.

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