BOX OFFICE: “Worst weekend of the summer?” “The Invitation” underperforms, “3000 Years of Longing” bombs

Well, I guess I’ll duck into a showing of “The Invitation,” a “Ten Little Indians” variation with a vampire twist.

Nothing else that opened this weekend has managed much in the way of drawing a crowd. George Miller’s “3000 Years of Longing” indulgence tells us there’s no money in genie tales, that Idris and Tilda are still not “box office” and I guess that Miller’s in that “Mad Max” trap forever.

“The Invitation” is rounding up $7 million this weekend. “3000 Years” won’t reach $3 million or crack the top five.

“Bullet Train” added another $5.5, taking it to the brink of…$80 million.

“Top Gun: Maverick” almost reached $5 million, and will hit the $700 million mark, just in North America, by next weekend.

That over-praised POS “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” movie fell off a cliff on its second weekend, an 80-90% plunge. Still managed over $4.8.

Idris Elba’s other movie still in theaters, “Beast,” turned out to be a digital lion attack bust. It hasn’t yet reached $20 million, thanks to a $4.3 million second weekend.

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