Netflixable? A rags-to-riches Filipino wish-fulfillment fantasy, “The Entitled”

A “lost daughter” who grew up in poverty has her life changed — in ways good and bad — when her rich hotelier father “finds” her and takes her in in “The Entitled,” a lowbrow comedy of manners from The Philippines.

That’s the polite description of what is basically one long bodily function romp wrapped in the veneer of “a story with heart.” And diarrhea. And badly in need of a “Brazilian wax.”

Gauche and vulgar and gross and almost fitfully amusing, it manages the dated trick of mocking the poor “simple” people whose values it backhandedly struggles to embrace.

Alex Gonzaga of “Love the Way You Lie” and Mary, Marry Me” dresses down — WAY down — as Belinda, a dirty, smelly urchin tracked down by the attorney (JC De Vera of “Love is Love”) at the behest of the father (Johnny Revilla) who never knew her.

Belinda is to be cleaned up, taught manners, “trained” and brought into the family business. That earns her incessant social media pranking from her younger, spoiled new half sister (Andrea Abaya), patronizing indulgence from her stepmom/”Auntie Matilda” (Ara Mina) and a curious lack of attention from her ever traveling dad.

Naturally, not all is as it seems. Belinda’s dim-witted klutziness make her the perfect pawn in something more sinister.

Belinda blurts out whatever comes to mind, which can be as cute as “Is this all for US? Is this ‘The Last Supper?'” at a lavish spread, to misunderstanding, in a sexual way, every gesture and common expression uncommon to her.

Yes, “show her the ropes” can be taken as “dirty.”

Much of the intended humor comes from Gonzaga’s broadly playing every single moment, like a first year student in mime class. There’s also a steady, um, stream of bodily function/bodily jokes. Gorging on every food item put before her, spewing it out one end or the other, masturbation jokes, endless stomach-churning sound effects — even a spitting gag — pepper the script like dated slapstick rendered gross and new.

But funny? Wrestling with the mouthy maid (Melai Cantiveros) over an under-cooked steak ends up in SOMEbody’s face. Shocking. Well, maybe it earned laughs back in the days of silent cinema.

The lowest joke might be the only one that landed for me, a “Brazilian wax” sight gag that just keeps on giving.

The rest? Nothing to it.

Rating: TV-MA, innuendo, profanity, bodily function jokes.

Cast: Alex Gonzaga, JC de Vera, Andrea Abaya, Ara Mina

Credits: Directed by Theodore Boborol, scripted by
Noreen Capili. A Netflix release.

Running time: 1:39

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