Netflixable? Gorgeous singles look for love in the stunning scenery of Peru, “Without Saying Goodbye”

The set-up for this “Around the World with Netflix” presentation is every bit as simple as that headline.

A gorgeous workaholic Spanish architect (Maxi Iglesias) is sent to Cuzco, Peru, to pick a spot, secure property and build a “seven star hotel” with a grand view of the Andes.

The vivacious and stunning niece (Stephanie Cayo) of the owner of a hilltop hostel in the city tries to keep that from happening, and from falling in love with the handsome “prince” from Madrid.

Without Saying Goodbye (Hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar),” aka “Backpackers,” is a somewhat colorless romance set in some of the most stunning scenery on Earth. Perhaps the writer-director, Bruno Ascenzo, realized this. Just when you’re wondering if this inane “meet cute” (ish), easy seduction/quick break-up over that Big Hotel is going to go 96 minutes without showing us much, he sends our mismatched pair on a five day hike up to Machu Picchu.

Yes, we remember, there’s a reason Machu Picchu is at the top most people’s bucket lists.

Salvador the star architect flies in and spies our Peruvian temptress dancing with the fun folks at the Tupananchiskama Hotel — and really, you’d have no way of knowing if I misspelled that — historic and quaint and run by “Tinder” trolling Aunt Licci (Wendy Ramos).

Salvador keeps his eye on her, she reciprocates. And it’s not until the morning after that “You want to build an eyesore” like other hotels he’s had a hand in over in Dubai, that he’s a “modern day Francisco Pizarro,” a conquistador come to exploit the locals for Spanish gold.

She is the free spirit the “poor little rich boy” (in Spanish with subtitles, or dubbed) never was. She is in the moment, he is in the boardroom, on a conference call, or at the drafting table sketching out blueprints.

And she has no sooner declared “I would never be with someone like you” than we know it’s not “Game on,” but “Game over.”

But that scenery — hot springs, stunning vistas, the glories of Machu Picchu and a seaside finale near Nazca — offers some compensation for the cute nothing that this movie is. Not enough, but some.

Rating: TV-MA, sexual situations, alcohol, profanity

Cast: Stephanie Cayo, Maxi Iglesias

Credits: Scripted and directed by Bruno Ascenzo. A Netflix release.

Running time: 1:36

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