Box Office: “Jumanji” devours “Last Jedi,” “Insidious” over-performs, “Greatest Showman” closes in on $100 million

boxEarly returns understated the beat-down “Jumanji” would deliver to “The Last Jedi” this weekend. Granted, everybody’s already seen the latest “Star Wars” movie. And nobody’s seeing it twice.

But the final projected take for this weekend (actuals come Monday afternoon) were even more emphatic.

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” on its third weekend of release, did a whopping $36 million.

“Insidious: The Last Key,” a new release, earned nearly $30 million.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” on far more screens than either of those (and in its fourth week of release) plummeted to $23 million. 

Among the potential awards contenders, “Greatest Showman” is showcasing Hugh Jackman at the end of a year when he starred in the critically acclaimed blockbuster, “Logan.” It will be at the $80 million+ mark by the start of next weekend, and should clear $100 million.  Especially if there’s good news on the Golden Globes front tonight, and Oscar nominations next week.

“Molly’s Game” opened at $7 million and shoved “The Shape of Water” out of the top ten. “Shape” added theater and lost audience. Whatever its Oscar chances, audiences aren’t warming to it en masse.

“I, Tonya” almost passed it and is only on a quarter of the screens “Shape” is.

“Three Billboards,” “Call Me by Your Name” and “The Disaster Artist” are doing middling business, with “Name” doing well enough per-screen to merit wider release next week.

“Wonder” may not be an Oscar sleeper, but it is a box office one. It’s over $126 million now.





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