So how much will “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” earn on opening weekend?


Will “The Last Jedi” open over $200 million this weekend? It’s the last blockbuster of the year, but will it bust the block? Box Office Guru figures $212 million, maybe $700 million during its entire US run.

Box  Office Mojo opines that $220 is within reach.

Reviews has been absurdly generous, a form of cheerleading for a movie audience that hasn’t made the year a banner one for ticket sales. Check out Metacritic.  Then go to Rotten Tomatoes.

Then ask yourself, “Did ‘It,’ ‘Logan,’ ‘Thor,’ ‘Alien Covenant,’ or ‘Wonder Woman’ make many — or any — Top Ten Lists?” They weren’t all that, and “Last Jedi” isn’t all that. And their reviews were just as over-the-top, swooning, you name it.

I’d call “Jedi” another case of “rating” inflation. The editor of  Variety thinks too many critics are scared to pan a Big Studio picture the public is dying to adore. I don’t disagree with that, either.


But not mine. The general public starts seeing it right now. What’s everybody think? Am I just an outlier, or is this another Disney/Lucasfilm letdown?

Fox’s “Ferdinand” also opens this weekend. As the “Star Wars” movies have been trending younger (in the “Force Awakens” continuum, anyway), it’s not like the animated adaptation of the story of “Ferdinand the Bull” will be all alone as a new “kids” or “family” film this weekend. But it should do well. Everybody’s seen “Coco,” after all. And it’s not bad. Lost me for the middle acts (sloooow). But still…

Guru figures it’ll only manage $15 million (disastrous). Box Office Mojo is figuring $17 million. Also terrible news. The reviews for this one are pretty good, too. Surely it’ll clear $23-25.


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