Movie Preview: Spielberg’s tech Support Pulls Out all the Stops for “Ready Player One”

Yes, even billionaire moguls who usually just make Oscar bait like to get paid.

This is one dazzling bit of VR/inside the game “rebellion” movie eye candy from the guy who all but invented that term. “Ready Player One” is about a future where a VR game has become the most valuable piece of the global economy, and an Easter Egg planted in it is the prize the best players must pursue, a clever idea by the dead creator of the game (Mark Rylance, in long hair) but not at all appreciated by the Big Corporate Villain (Ben Mendelssohn).

To be honest, this looked pretty cool until the soundtrack shifted and made it feel lame and dated and trying too hard. Van Halen’s “Jump” must have tested well in marketing.

“Ready Player One” comes our may March 30.


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