“The Force Awakens: — Who’s the “old man” and “furball” now, eh?

OK, that’s snarky. But whatever the “Star Wars” continuation promises, I don’t expect much in the way of out-of-body novelty that the first film delivered.

It has sentiment going for it, 40 years of improvements in effects, a cooler rollerball robot. Who in that cast, in this teaser trailer, pops off the screen, says “I’m the next big thing?”

I get a nice sense of a galaxy ravaged and ruined by war, foolish aliens still living in deserts and storm troopers signing up for more storm trooping. i09 has a nice photo gallery of costumes and props that point to the new look, which characters will be around, etc.

The teaser is good, as far as it goes. But I’m not sold on this or a “Jurassic” continuation based on what I’m seeing and hearing thus far.

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