Weekend Movies: “Spongebob” gets a pass, “Seventh Son” and “Jupiter” trashed

outcast“Jupiter Ascending” got the beat-down it so richly deserved among critics — eye candy without much of consequence, and much that is unintentionally funny. BOOM. Wachowskis? Done.

“Seventh Son” is a classic early Feb. action picture — sword and sorcery genre. A stinker unloaded at the first of the year. A classic Universal picture, too, which has a string of bombs thanks to its awful lineup over the last year or more, and its hostile relationship with the reviewing press. “The Boy Next Door,” a bad Michael Mann movie, the list rolls backward and onward and it stinks. Do the shareholders know the culture that’s producing these bad movies that big bad reviewers mock, openly? Apparently not. #universasshats.

Maybe “Pitch Perfect 2” will break the string. If not, there’s always that Steve Jobs bio pic slated for the fall.

“The Spongebob Movie” isn’t earning plaudits for its 3D “Spongebob steps into the REAL world” gimmick. “The Simpsons” did that, among others. But it’s funny enough, passing grades in most places.

Poor reviews for Nick Cage’s latest, “Outcast.” It’s no worse than “Seventh Son,” but that’s not saying anything. I wish he’d get a cable deal and re-start his career.

Middling reviews for the drama free ballet doc “”Ballet 422.”

“Love Rosie” reviews rip Lily Collins a new one, and her choice of movie roles.

Bad reviews for a Cenk Uygur doc that’s borderline hagiography. I thought it accurate and honest, but “Mad as Hell” has no contrary voices suggesting he’s a showboating opportunist.

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3 Responses to Weekend Movies: “Spongebob” gets a pass, “Seventh Son” and “Jupiter” trashed

  1. J.E.Vizzusi says:

    Hollywood is a empty shell of Artistic ideas overun by Corporate business plans. Its not about the winners, its about Corporate gains and losses. Out of a dozen Studio Produced Feature Films, if one is a blockbuster then maybe they break even. Its a business game nobody can win. Its a losing proposition to make the same Movie, genre etc. over and over. It a game of follow the leader and the leader is bankrupt because of cost overuns and out of control budgets. When the Studios fall, their Indie counterparts may survive to save the depressed state of the American Cinema. J.E.V. – Orlando

    • Well put. Things always seem most dire up until March, because the recycled ideas we’re seeing in Jan., Feb., even the studios knew were so bad nobody would want to see them. In the summer, the recycling is mixed in with somewhat more interesting fare. And it’s safer, with undiscriminating kids filling the cineplexes with every week’s comic book/vampire/slasher/sword & sorcery epic. There is no safety net for bad green lights in the winter.

      • J.E.Vizzusi says:

        Agreed to all! I personally look foward to Mad Max – Fury Road which again looks clever, extraordinarily shot and the perfomances may surprise the critics of this well respected yesteryear short franchise. JEV – Orlando

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