“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” — where you can see the trailer, including here


The first place will be in select cinemas, nationwide starting today (Black Friday, or black screen with yellow titles Friday).

Starwars.com has a link to a list.

iTunes posted it this AM, just a few minutes ago. Here it is.

In any event, seeing something of that scale in a cinema is a much better bet. Go see “The Theory of Everything” or “The Imitation Game” or maybe “Penguins of Madagascar” (a Fox release) and catch “The Force Awakens.” J.J. Abrams cuts a mean trailer.

But in going down the list, it’s easy to see that most of America is being left out of this possibility — seeing the trailer in a theater. There are more theaters showing it in Los Angeles than there are in all of Florida (1), for instance. I am spending Thanksgiving on the border between two states, Va. and NC, neither of which has a single cinema showing it.Vast swaths of the country are being left out, huge top 20 market cities, too. What they hey?

Kind of an arbitrary, fascist One Percent distribution of the goodies, I must say. Bad play, Lucasfilm.

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