“Peanuts” trailer lets Fox declare war on “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

Yes, it looks like the Blue Sky CG production of the “Peanuts” movie will have little or nothing to do with the classic “Peanuts” TV specials. Nobody expected a remake, mind you. And it may have its charms. But releasing it around the holidays means they’re trying to supplant a minor classic.

Which means this Christmas 2015 release won’t have Linus quoting the Bible, telling the birth of Jesus story related there. No “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” either, I’ll wager.  It’ll be about that politically correct kids’ cartoon motif, “imagination.”

We’ll get a little Vince Guaraldi music — then a heavy dose of whatever sensitive pop is in the air and on Spotify at the moment. And if we’re lucky, a few laughs.

Fox Family will be releasing it. So, irony of ironies, it is FOX that will strip the “Christmas” out of a Charlie Brown Christmas movie.

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