Movie Preview: “Ex Machina” looks like “Her” meets “Blade Runner”

For my money, A24 is a studio on the rise. Arresting, offbeat releases, challenging sci-fi, generally smart and surprising fare across the board.

“Under the Skin” with Scarlett J., “Enemy,” a Jake Gyllenhaal puzzle picture, “Locke,” “Spring Breakers,” “The Bling Ring,” “Laggies,” “Life After Beth,” striking films for the most part. They’ve been in business two years as a distributor, and they’re making a mark.

“Ex Machina” gives us Domhnall Gleason as a man tasked with “testing” the next big leap in human/computer interfaces, a femme bot who grows more human the longer the test goes on. Alicia Vikander is the robot, Oscar Isaac is the designer. A striking trailer that seems to me to be the A24 house style, in terms of tone. Check it out.

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